Coach for Family Caregivers

Collaborative Coaching U.S.A. focuses on the special challenges of family caregivers. Working collaboratively, we can eliminate obstacles, discover options, and help to create balance in your life with ease and humor. We care for you the caregiver. Your health, your well being and respect for your identity are paramount.

Can you identify?

  • I need an independent sounding board, separate from the kids, regarding the best care for my wife … in our own home or a nursing home.
  • My personal days and vacation days from work are dwindling as I need to take my Dad for medical treatments. What do I do now.
  • To get Mom into assisted living I need to get her house ready for sale. Where do I find painters, carpenters and cleanout services? I can’t fit anything else into my schedule.

Caregivers feel pressured to be everything to everybody, as their health is threatened and their identity vanishes. If going it alone, trying to be “everything to everybody” sounds like you, now may be the time to partner with a coach.


Have you had a stroke or TIA? 
Stroke Support Group, 1st of every month, Click here for details.